React SDK


Tracking in can give you insights into the search behavior of your users and how your content is performing. Tracking data is also fed back into's AI model to improve search ranking over time.

There are two different kinds of tracking available, "click" and "posneg". ClickTracking is designed to be as simple as possible. Each search result has an associated click tracking link which, when followed, records the click and forwards the user to the result destination. PosNegTracking is designed for more advanced use-cases — an ecommerce purchase funnel for example.'s website search uses ClickTracking by default while our Shopify search solution uses PosNegTracking by default.

1. Getting Started

Tracking in can be one of the following:

  • ClickTracking: records user click interactions alongside search results
  • PosNegTracking: refers to the recording of variably weighted user interactions with search results. This allows to record both positive and negative interactions on each search result and thus is more complex/flexible than ClickTracking

The default when you create a new Pipeline instance is no tracking.

2. Usage

Later after having received the search result, each entry will include a token field of that tracking type, you can then use that token to record the interactions.

3. Example